I am a Geographer based in the Republic of Panama, working as the Research Coordinator for the Amazon and Lowland Tribal Empowerment Coalition (ALTECO). The focus of ALTECO is to train and equip indigenous Christian leaders to serve their communities in context of their unique circumstances. 

I was raised in Panama during the end of an era in American foreign diplomacy as the American Canal Zone reverted to the Republic of Panama. My journey of faith in Jesus Christ led me to live among a remote Amazon jungle tribe in Peru, where, in 2003 my early work as a geographer took root. As my awareness of needs unique to remote tribal people increased, so did my desire to understand why and where. In 2007 I graduated from Florida Atlantic University (MA Geography). My thesis leveraged geospatial technologies (Remote Sensing and GIS) and lots of time in Peru, to analyze sociocultural and environmental dynamics of rapidly growing urban centers in the Amazon jungle region. I later worked as a geospatial analyst in support of urban planning, cultural resource management, and renewable energy projects. In 2010, with my wife, Megan, I moved to Oaxaca, Mexico, to conduct ethnolinguistic mapping and research for Christian ministries while training indigenous missionaries to do their own field research with a strong focus on open source and free technologies.

As an avid traveler and photographer I enjoy capturing moments on the go, while exploring depths of contrast, uniqueness of pattern and range of color. My first camera was a Kodak 110 which I carried with me everywhere as a child in Panama. I often accompanied my father, an artist and explorer, on jungle expeditions. I was honored in 2015 when National Geographic Magazine selected my photograph "Indigenous Mixtec Woman Praying - Guerrero, Mexico" featured in the 2016 edition of the National Geographic Book of Peoples of the World.

I can be contacted at +1 (561) 225-7496 or by email at

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