For over ten years, I have been applying my skills full-time as a geographer/cartographer to facilitate the work of field missionaries in remote regions of Latin America, specifically in the Amazon jungle, eastern Panama and rural Mexico. The lack of access to accurate information presents a huge challenge for ministry in these places, as basic data pertaining to local demographics, languages, and spiritual and social dynamics are often unknown or severely dated. I work directly with missionaries, many of whom are indigenous, helping them create investigative and mapping strategies to better understand their regions of interest, resulting in more effective outreach and better communications with their sending agencies. Services I provide include desktop GIS training, field GPS instruction, open source research methods, field survey and database development, and customized map production. By "equipping the saints for the work of ministry" (Ephesians 4:12) my desire is to glorify God by preparing others as we work together to build up the body of Christ.

I am also a photographer. Raised in the lush jungle terrain of Panama and a lifelong world traveler, I enjoy photographing life on the go, exploring the contrasts, patterns and colorful expressions of people in their unique cultural settings. It was a great honor when in 2015 National Geographic Magazine selected my photograph "Indigenous Mixtec Woman Praying - Guerrero, Mexico" to be featured in their 2016 edition of the National Geographic Book of Peoples of the World.

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