For over ten years, I have been applying my skills as a geographer/cartographer and researcher to facilitate Christian missionary efforts with a focus on the Amazon jungle and rural Mexico. A huge challenge for missionaries in these and other remote regions of the world is sheer lack of access to accurate information. Basic data pertaining to local demographics, languages and spiritual and social dynamics are often unknown or severely dated. To address the needs, I help missionaries, most of whom are indigenous, to develop appropriate and effective methods to conduct their own field investigations, create maps,  and communicate their findings across their networks of churches and supporters. I also provide support in the form of GIS training, GPS instruction, field survey development and customized map production. 

By "equipping the saints for the work of ministry" In accordance with Ephesians 4:12, my  desire is to glorify God by equipping and preparing others for the work of service, thus building up the body of Christ. 

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